Political Videos

Many people believe that there are things that happen that our various ‘free world’ governments would rather we didn’t know about. The videos linked here tell of some of these things so we’ll let the viewers decide for themselves.

Vaccines – Good or Bad? This is worth taking a look at which ever way you think.


Breaking News: April 27, 2016:
Prince’s Bad Reaction To A Flu Shot?

John Pilger’s ‘Stealing A Nation’. How the U.S. and Britain forced the small population off the island of Diego Garcia, leaving them homeless and alone in a foreign country.


Sandy Hook. Was this really a ‘False Flag’ operation, with no children killed?


Is there an alternative way to beat cancer without chemo or radiation? It could just be….


Rebekah Roth on her latest book on the alleged 9/11 cover-up.

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