Juicing – Getting The Best Out Of Watermelon

When I was a kid, I remember my mother telling me that I should never eat the seeds or skin of the watermelon because I’d get a really bad tummy ache. A bit of wise advice, no doubt, but also a little misguided.

You see, I don’t doubt that eating the seeds and skin may have been bad for the stomach because trying to digest it would end in a bout of pain at the very least. It’s probably the same as eating an unripe apple… possibly very painful.

Juicing the melon… seeds, skin and all, is a different proposition though. A good juicer will break everything down to a cellular structure, leaving no undigested ‘large bits’ to push their way through to the intestines as solid pieces. Also, all the goodness and nutrition in the skin and the seeds can then be taken into our system with all the ‘hard work’ already done in the digestive process by the juicer.