Juicing – Getting The Best Out Of Rockmelon

Rock Melon
Some of us grew up enjoying the taste of a juicy slice of rockmelon with white sugar sprinkled all over it. A bit of healthy combined with not-so-healthy.

Well, here’s the perfect way to enjoy your rock melon if you have a juicing machine. First, cut it in half. Next, scrape out all the seeds. Leaving the skin on (washed first, of course), run it through your juicer, skin and all.

It may go against all the rules about not eating the skin of the rock melon, but this is where a lot of the essential nutrients are.

-Special Note- Don’t include the seeds in the juicing. Keep them for the garden to grow new melons next season. The seeds tend to have quite an overpowering flavour and this could spoil the taste of your juice.

Rockmelon seeds can be roasted and eaten as a snack though and are a good protein source.