Cucamelons – One Of My Favourite Plants

Cucamelon_02At the time of writing this, it was the second season from first planting my cucamelons. I’m not sure if this current vine is from the original plant or from some fallen fruit that’s germinated this season.

You see, it appears to be that after the fruiting season ends, the plant can be cut back and it re-grows next season, bearing more of these little tid-bits to please the palate.

The cucamelons in the photo are on a bread and butter plate with a standard knife and fork set just to show you what size these little gems grow to (much the same size as a grape).

They’re extremely easy to grow and make a delicious snack, straight off the vine or with a salad. They taste like cucumber, but look like a miniature watermelon and carry all the goodness and nutrition you’d expect in eating healthy.

They’re hardy, frost and pest resistant and last well in the refrigerator once picked and they can be grown quite well in large pots. They’ve become one of my favourites, along with my Lemonade trees, also growing in large pots.