Bananas – Excellent Food For A Healthy Body

Bananas 050516_04
Not only do they taste good, straight from the peel, there are some other exciting ways to enjoy your bananas as well.

We all know that a banana tastes great on breakfast cereal and a banana sandwich never goes astray, either, but did you know that a banana smoothie is a nice, healthy and tasty drink too. It’s just a matter of peeling the banana and popping it into your blender with a little (around 300ml of water) and go for  it. This will give you a ‘thick shake’ type drink, but if you’d like it a little less thick, add a little more water. Just experiment here.

How about banana ice cream? After peeling your bananas, break them off into 2.5 cm (1″) lengths and freeze them in a plastic freezer bag (or your Tupperware container). Once frozen, take them out and throw them into your blender and let them sit for a few minutes to thaw a little.

Some people suggest adding a little water instead of thawing, but you don’t want your banana ice cream too runny, so play it by ear. Once blended into a smooth paste, you have your ice cream! No need to add sugar or flavouring (unless you feel you really have to…. We don’t).

You can also add fresh fruit, such as blueberries, strawberries or whatever you wish and you’ll still end up with a nice, healthy ice cream.

Most people avoid bananas once they start losing their yellow to dark spots (the signs of ripening). The ‘blotchy’ banana is perfect for smoothies or ice cream however. If you have bananas get a little too ripe, they will taste slightly bitter. Don’t toss them out. These go great in banana cake.