The Day America Was Attacked By Israel

This is something that few people know about and even a lot of those who are aware of the incident don’t know the truth surrounding it. It’s shocking and possibly one of the most evil events that was served to patriotic Americans. This could have resulted in a major (and possibly nuclear) incident between the US and Russia, as was the apparent wish of some leaders in both Israel and America.

While you watch this video, bear in mind that every single sailor on board the USS Liberty was supposed be killed and the ship sunk. The Israelis even strafed and machine gunned  sailors in the water and in life boats, all the time knowing that this was a virtually unarmed American ship. The final toll was, 34 US sailors killed and 171 wounded, some seriously.

The Israelis wanted the US to help them in their 6 Day War against the Arab nations and the US wanted an excuse to bomb Russia in an effort to prevent Russian overtures in Egypt. Both, Israel and the US, wanted this incident to work by blaming Egypt for the attack. American survivors soon unwittingly scuttled that plan.

A similar scenario played out successfully 3 years earlier in 1964, with the so called attack by the North Vietnamese navy against the USS Maddox. This incident started the cycle of full involvement in the Vietnam war by the US and its allies.